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We are very proud of all of our customers! That is why we are pleased to share their success stories in the areas of staff policy, staff scheduling and time and attendance tracking.


No more pen-scratched paper schedules at FRUITSOLUTE!
“We were in need of a better solution, especially for time registration. The current system was unable to grow adequately with our wishes. ” Rick Post, General Manager at FRUITSOLUTE says he would like to automatically register allowances and overtime hours because it involves a lot of work. "We have a collective labour agreement with…Read the story

Very professional and approachable
This company is very proffesional and approachable, also the new app is a great pro. From the beginning of our project every step has been great. Contact per mail and phone are good and the steps that we've to take as a company ourself are clear to follow. Since the complexity of our schedueles, the…TrustPilot
A good and comprehensive planning system
Dyflexis is clear, comprehensive and effective. It is very simple to schedule staff and they can also quickly see their own roster. Although it is an extensive package, in practice it is still easy to schedule staff.

Very satisfied
The process of time tracking software to payroll administration is complicated. De power of Dyflexis is to make this process easier to understand. In our situation, this process has been automated for 98%. As a result, there are barely no manual operations left.TrustPilot
Overview for both planners and staff
In the past, I used to spend a lot of time crossing things out and making improvements to complete my roster. Now, both planners and staff have an overview. I can find all of the information in one place. The connection with our cash registers means that I have a real-time picture of sales compared…Read the story

Good coorperation
Clear and pleasant communication. We are looking forward to get started with Dyflexis.TrustPilot

Simplicity, overview and structure
Simplicity, overview and structure. These characteristics are the biggest strenghts of Dyflexis. It is based on the practical work and it has what a schedular needs. It is exactly right! The service and training programs of Dyflexis are clear and easy to follow. This company controlls a great helpdesk. We've been waiting for a program…TrustPilot
The company is very approachable
The staff come across as very professional and keen. This is nice for the customer. The company demonstrates that it is approachable and so far the program is working nicely.

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