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Use data to avoid unnecessary personnel costs

Staff is by far the biggest expense for many organisations. Therefore, it pays to schedule your staff as efficiently as possible and avoid unnecessary costs. Dyflexis helps a CFO to investigate in a simple manner which departments underperform and which do remarkably well. Quickly identify any budget overruns and see at a glance the differences between the scheduled and actual number of hours worked.

Real-time information on personnel costs vs. budget

Does this sound familiar? In many cases you do not find out that the budget has been exceeded until after the salaries have been paid. By the time you have an overview of all the figures it is often too late. In Dyflexis, personnel costs are calculated simultaneously with the creation of the schedules. This means that you can quickly see if budgets are being exceed and make timely adjustments if necessary. And if the budget is exceeded nevertheless, you will always be able to pinpoint exactly when and why this happened.

Clear overviews provide instant
performance insights

Do you wish to see both turnover and personnel costs at a single glance? This information is provided by the Dyflexis Management Dashboard. Select the period that you wish to analyse and quickly check turnover, personnel costs, staff ratio (personnel costs/turnover) or productivity (turnover/number of hours worked).

Manage on the
basis of reliable data

Being a CFO, you know that you can only make the right management decisions if the data on which the decisions are based is truly reliable. This is why it is important that your staff can register their hours quickly, simply and correctly. With Dyflexis’ Rex-O-Matic NOA, employees can clock in and out quickly. Start and end times are registered immediately by scanning a personal identification card (such as a public transport card or bankcard). Keep the data comprehensible by letting the system round off start and end times.

Calculate and see your benefit immediately

With our calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate how many euros you will save by using Dyflexis. The tool shows you the savings potential based on your industry, FTE and hourly wage, among other factors. You can also receive an extensive report including a brochure. Don’t wait any longer and use the calculator. Calculate your benefit and anticipate immediately!


Seamless Payroll Integration

We sync your employee data automatically from your payroll system to Dyflexis. Also, worked hours are send to the payroll system with one click. This integration streamlines payroll processes, reduces errors, and frees up time for strategic HR management.