Staff scheduling

Staff Scheduling Software

Flexible schedules can be created quickly with the drag-and-drop functionality. Effortlessly create online staff schedules that take into account availability, budgets, overtime and expected turnover. See at a glance who is labelled as having been trained to deal with emergencies and where such a person is still missing. After including full-timers in the schedule, open shifts can be allocated easily to students and part-timers. Any changes are clearly and immediately visible to everyone concerned.

Rapidly create schedules

Dyflexis allows you to quickly create schedules for the entire company. The comprehensive user environment means that you do not waste any time collecting the information that you need. For instance, you can see immediately which employees are available. Dyflexis makes staff scheduling easy and fun!

Smarter scheduling

Dyflexis lets you adjust schedules by using trends and budgets. Do you expect to be less busy during a certain period? If so, get a grip on staff costs by setting a budget for that period.

Always up to date

Your employees can always see their work roster wherever they are by using our mobile app for Android and iOS and they stay up to date about changes. They can also use the app to exchange shifts and request leave. Manages can also use the app to look at their staff costs in real time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff planning means ensuring that the right employees are doing the right job at the right time. This results in optimal staffing and allows you to use the talents of your employees in a cost-efficient way.

In order to create a good work schedule it is essential that you have sufficient information. Which employees are available and what skills do they possess? What is the weather like, how busy is it likely to become and how many employees do we need to handle these numbers? What is the available budget? Because you have all this information at your fingertips in the Dyflexis staff planning software, creating a good work schedule becomes a simple task.

Staff planning in the form of creating a good work schedule is very important. It prevents being understaffed, keeps personnel costs under control and allows you to make optimal use of the talents of your employees. Ultimately, staff planning and good work schedules contribute to the success of your organization.

Nowadays, many organisations create their work schedules online. Usually, staff planning software such as Dyflexis is used for this purpose. This offers many advantages, such as:
● you have all the information you need close a hand
● you are able to create standard schedules that accelerate the planning process
● your employees are able to check the latest schedule anytime and anywhere
● you can see at a glance who is and isn't available
● you will be notified in the event of a conflict in the planning
● you can use the same software for time registration and instantly compare scheduled and actual hours worked
● you can sent the number of hours worked straight to your payroll software, thus reducing the time you need to spend on payroll administration