Dyflexis for employees

Always access to the most recent schedule

Having immediate access to the most recent schedule, seeing how many hours they have worked, responding to open shifts and swapping shifts among themselves. Dyflexis is not only a handy tool for employers, it also makes life easier for your employees.

Checking the latest schedule anytime, anywhere

The user-friendly app allows your employees to check the latest schedule anytime and anywhere. Any changes to the schedule are visible to everyone immediately. By means of notifications, you can inform employees of important changes easily and quickly.

Trading shifts easily

Allow your employees to swap shifts among themselves when, for some reason, they will not be able to work. In Dyflexis, employees can quickly see which colleagues would be able to take over their shift (based on availability and other conditions such as certification). They can then send a request to someone. If that person agrees, it is up to the planner to approve the switch. After that, the change will be processed by Dyflexis automatically. It’s as easy as that!

Responding to open shifts

Inform employees about an open shift by sending them a notification. It is up to you to specify if these employees must meet certain conditions. For example, by only making the shift available for employees who work at a specific department, are qualified to deal with emergencies or have a key. They can then let you know if they are interested in covering this shift. This way, you give your employees more control over their own schedule and reduce the time you spend on filling an open shift.

Give employees more say, but stay in charge

There is a growing interest in self-scheduling these days. In Dyflexis, you can give your employees more control over their own schedule. For example, by letting them specify their availability themselves. This becomes even easier if they link their personal calendar to Dyflexis so they can view their schedule and calendar side-by-side. They can also swap shifts among themselves and respond to open shifts. You are in charge of how much freedom you will give your employees. It is also possible to disable this functionality.

During the implementation of Dyflexis, our consultant will be happy to

demonstrate the possibilities.

Requesting and approving leave

In Dyflexis, your employees can submit a leave request in just a few clicks. If you approve the request, both the schedule and their leave balance will immediately be adapted accordingly. Your employees are also able to view their own leave balance. This reduces the number of questions to your HR department.

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