From Glass Collector to Inventor

Brilliant ideas often emerge in the most ordinary situations, as demonstrated by Joshua Angnoe. Working as a glass collector at a hospitality business with six locations on the Grote Markt in The Hague, he faced a chaotic scheduling system. Wondering where and when to work was a puzzle.

Joshua believed there had to be a better way. He set out to create a solution, laying the foundation for what would become the Dyflexis workflow management system.


First Dyflexis version

Innovative ideas have famously originated from garages – think of companies like Apple, Amazon, Google, and Disney. Dyflexis joined this illustrious list when, in 2008, its first version was released. This seamless software promised to save companies and employees from a lot of frustration.


Conquering the Netherlands

Being a tech wizard doesn’t always equate to being a sales expert. In search of sales talent, Joshua found the perfect match in brothers Thomas and Matthijs. They were eager to bring Dyflexis to the market – and not just to the Grote Markt.


Rex-O-Matic Hector

We’ve always been proponents of digitalization. As early as 2012, we felt it was archaic and inefficient for employees to write down their worked hours on paper. This could be simpler and easier. Thus, our very first clock system, Rex-O-Matic Hector, was born. This system revolutionized the way employees clock in and out, turning a cumbersome task into something effortless. After all, convenience is key.



Have you noticed that we always aim to be the best? We’ve worked diligently on the best workflow management solution, but we also seek the best people for our team. Our inspiring workplace in the Netherlands helps us in this quest. Have we succeeded? According to the business magazine MT/Sprout, the answer is a resounding yes. Our vibrant headquarters in The Hague’s Binckhorstlaan has been highly praised.


First Office in Germany

Guten Tag, Deutschland! In 2019, Dyflexis made its inaugural leap across the border, establishing our first office in Germany. We looked forward with anticipation to the new adventures and fresh perspectives the German market would offer. And what a success story it has turned out to be.


Rex-O-Matic Noa

Since 2023, the Dutch railway company NS has allowed passengers to use debit cards or phones for train access. Impressive? Perhaps, but we were already ahead of the curve! In 2020, we launched Rex-O-Matic, enabling automatic clocking in and out using personal passes or phones. Rex-O-Matic has thus become the uncrowned ‘king’ of clock systems.


Dyflexis goes Caribbean

We’ve consistently experienced success and steady growth. Our journey then took us to the Caribbean, where we saw new opportunities in a market ripe for innovation and efficiency. Our 2021 entry into this region was a strategic move to enhance our international presence.


100 Employees

Every employee is crucial to Dyflexis, but our hundredth team member added an exciting new chapter to our success story. Reaching a team of a hundred is more than just a number for us; it symbolizes our growth. It stands as concrete evidence of the progress we’ve made with our advanced software.


Time for bigger plans