The Dyflexis and
Wodan Brothers story

Dyflexis was developed by Wodan Brothers, an enthusiastic team of over 25 people who together build your scheduling software. But where did it all actually start?

The Hague, 2006
The idea for Dyflexis came in 2006. At this time, Joshua Angnoe, developer and co-founder of Wodan Brothers was a glass collector in the busy Grote Markt square in The Hague. He was unable to comprehend why printed-out rosters were hung in the kitchen. As the owner had six establishments in the square, Joshua had to go around the entire square to see where he had been scheduled to work. After the umpteenth problem with the schedule, he offered to write a solution. He wrote the first version of Dyflexis in his mother’s garage and this was launched in 2008.

In 2010, brothers Thomas and Matthijs Van den Ende were looking for a developer for completely different project. They had a conversation with Joshua Angnoe who soon told them about his scheduling software. The brothers saw the potential of Dyflexis and wanted to see whether there was a market for this. The first three pitches hit the bulls-eye and Wodan Brothers was born.

The Hague, 2017
There are now over 25 people working on Dyflexis. The program that started as scheduling software for the catering sector has been developed over the last years into a professional staff scheduling system for any sector. Nowadays, Dyflexis has its own clocking in system and apps for Android and iOS. New functions are continually being added to Dyflexis.

In spite of the numerous possibilities that Dyflexis offers, we believe that our software should be user-friendly: users should be able to understand how it works the first time. That us why we confidently offer free support. Users also give Dyflexis a score of 9.4.

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