The Dyflexis story

Dyflexis is developed by an enthusiastic team of over 60 people who together build your scheduling software. But where did it all actually start?

The Hague, 2006

Joshua Angnoe works as a glass collector on the Grote Markt in The Hague. Because his employer owns no less than six different establishments at this one location, Joshua is forced to cross the entire Grote Markt and locate various paper grids to find out when he’s scheduled to work next.

Due to a lack of clarity about the work schedule, Joshua was forced to say goodbye to his career as a glass collector. However, the outdated method that involves using and distributing paper grids was bothering him so much that he immediately decided to take matters into his own hands. Joshua had a better system in mind that would save both employer and employee time and money. Efficiency and overview, that was the goal! In his mother’s garage, Joshua wrote the first version of Dyflexis that was launched in 2008.


Joshua has a meeting with the brothers Thomas and Matthijs van den Ende. The brothers see great potential in Dyflexis and are very eager to introduce it to the world. Right from the very first pitch, Thomas and Matthijs perfectly convey their enthusiasm. Twelve years later Dyflexis has grown into a multinational company with over 60 employees and provides more than 3000 companies with a personnel planning solution.

2021 Creating time for bigger plans

Time is precious. At Dyflexis we are aware of this fact more than anyone. Our system is designed to give users their valuable time back, by providing them with clear information about work shifts and schedules. Employees can for example use our free app to communicate their availability, exchange shifts amongst each other or request leave. Employees are also able to clock themselves in and out with our easy to use time clock. This allows us to ensure, based on a strong vision, an extremely user-friendly personnel planning and time registration system. 

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