Workforce Management Software for large enterprises

More grip on your personnel costs

In a large company with multiple departments and locations it is not always easy to keep track of things. Discover Dyflexis: user-friendly workforce management software for enterprises. Streamline your processes, eliminate time-consuming activities, and stay on top of things.

Multiple departments and locations? No worries!

In Dyflexis, all your departments and locations create their staff planning from a single environment. They simply register the number of hours worked in the same system. This becomes even easier with our Rex-O-Matic NOA clocking system. With this system, employees can clock in and out quickly by means of a personal identification card, such as a public transport card or bankcard. Do you prefer to split the time registration per location for your payroll administration? No problem!

Result-based management

Do you wish to compare turnover and personnel costs at a glance? The Management Dashboard will show you. Select the period you wish to analyse and simply display the turnover, personnel costs, staff ratio (personnel costs/turnover) and productivity (turnover/number of hours worked).

The Management Dashboard makes it easy to compare the performance of your different locations. Dyflexis also provides at-a-glance information regarding overtime, leave and absenteeism by location.

Grip on personnel costs

Dyflexis helps you to keep a grip on personnel costs. While creating the schedule, you can immediately see if you are still on budget. In addition, Dyflexis provides you with useful information that helps you to assign your staff as cost-efficiently as possible. Information that is available while creating a schedule includes the availability, skills, certificates, hourly wage, contract type  and overtime of each employee.

Our API enables you to easily exchange information between Dyflexis and your other systems. For example, you can insert the number of orders, units to be produced or the expected number of visitors in Dyflexis, so that you have this information at hand while creating the schedule. Or forward data from Dyflexis to your salary package, making the payroll administration a piece of cake. For most well-known salary packages we already have a handy link available.

Easily assign staff to other locations

In case of a shortage of staff at one of your locations, Dyflexis will show you which employees from other locations can be assigned there to remedy this problem. Smart rules ensure that employees cannot be included in multiple schedules simultaneously and the number of hours worked are processed immediately and correctly for payroll administration purposes. A clear overview shows you which employees have been assigned to which locations and what the associated costs are. This simplifies invoicing between locations.

Integrated with access control

Protect you employees by access control. Determine who is allowed to enter which building at a specific moments. Furthermore, these data is saved in Dyflexis. So you know immediately who is inside in case of calamities.

Always informed by way of the app

Using the Dyflexis app for Android and iOS, employees can view their most recent schedule anytime and easily submit leave requests. They can also sign up for open shifts or swap shifts among themselves. Dyflexis is also always close at hand for administrators in the form of the Management Dashboard, which shows them the latest results and lets them approve registered hours and process leave requests at any time.

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