Partner programme for branch organisation

Together for a complete solution

As an industry organisation, you want to offer your customer a complete solution. Dyflexis offers a solution a solution that goes beyond personnel planning and time recording, namely a complete workforce management solution.

Comply with the collective labour agreement

Working with us ensures that you comply with laws and regulations. For example, we have experience in implementing various collective agreements and labour laws.

Bring in the expert

Fulfill your advisory role to your customers. You are their eyes and ears on developments in the market. With Dyflexis, you bring in an expert in the field of workforce management. We work together to help your customer.

Complete your IT landscape

As an industry organisation, you go for the best and most complete solution. Especially in areas where there are currently challenges. That is why we gladly join hands to work together. Together, we provide our customers with the best solution for personnel planning and time recording.

Efficiency and uniformity

By outsourcing staff planning and time recording to Dyflexis, member organisations work from one and the same working method.

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