Online scheduling and time tracking software

Optimal staffing, accurate time registration and comprehensive reports

From workforce management to always having the optimal staffing level

The workforce management software from Dyflexis is designed to provide efficient personnel planning and time registration. Our clock system, clock times and hours worked are processed directly in the system. While administrators use the app to approve hours and leave requests, employees view their rosters and respond to open shifts. Thanks to various integrations and automation, among other things, the use of Dyflexis is time-saving. By linking external systems to Dyflexis, administrators always have the correct data at their disposal. In this way, they ensure the most optimal staffing on a daily basis.

Staff scheduling software

Dyflexis is designed to enable effective planning based on relevant data. For example, in Dyflexis you plan based on real-time insight into the availability, salary, forecasts, contract hours, certifications and budgets. This ensures that you always have an optimal workforce.

Time registration software

After employees planned their hours, it is important to keep a good record of hours worked. Who has worked too little, who has worked too much and for whom allowances should be paid? Dyflexis keeps track of everything automatically, so you hardly need to look at the time attendance. Your time registration is always real-time to optimize your staffing.

Recording leave

In Dyflexis, employees can request leave. The employer will then immediately see when an employee has requested leave and what actions can be taken. The leave hours are then automatically processed in the timesheet, and your employees always have insight into their leave requests and balances through the app.

Clock-in system with personal login card

With our Rex-O-Matic NOA, employees easily clock in and out using personal passes such as their ov chip card. The clock system is not only used for time registration, but can also be used for attendance registration. The start and end times are shown immediately in Dyflexis. This allows administrators to always see which employees are present. This can be very useful in case of emergencies.

Access Control System

Everything arranged from one place! With the Dyflexis access control system, you arrange access control, attendance and visitor registration from one place. Employees are registered once and use their means of control for both access control and the clock system. This saves time and prevents hassle.

Reports & Dashboards

In Dyflexis you have comprehensive reports per branch and department which give you insight into the expected and actual staff costs. Check in the reports how the staff costs relate to revenue and budgeted staff costs.

Staff file

In Dyflexis you can keep a comprehensive personnel file. For example, you can easily keep track of name, contract and leave details in the file. This can be synchronized with your payroll, ensuring that you always have the right information at your disposal, wherever you are.

Always up to date via the app

The mobile app for Android and iOS allows employees to view their work schedule anytime, anywhere. They can also use the app to view their rosters and hours, swap shifts, request leave and record hours. In addition, the app includes several useful features for managers, such as adjusting rosters and real-time insight into reports.


Dyflexis can be linked to your payroll software for processing and synchronizing hours and data. All hours are automatically forwarded to your payroll package. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors! In addition, you can link Dyflexis to your cash register and booking system so that you can access this data during the scheduling process.

Trainings and certifications

We are happy to help you to successfully implement Dyflexis in your organization. To support you we provide various trainings, such as our free webinars. Useful for new employees or to refresh your memory. At the end you will receive a Dyflexis certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions

The right person, with the right skills, on the right task, at the right time. That, simply put, is what workforce management is all about. Due to the emergence of smart workforce management software, more attention has been paid to WFM recently. This allows companies to largely automate their workforce management.

WFM stands for Workforce Management. It means making sure that the right person, with the right skills, is working on the right task at the right time.

Workforce management software helps you achieve your business goals and strengthen your competitive position. For example, because you:
- Schedule your staff more effectively and thus save on labor costs
- Spend less time on administration, by automating processes
- Increase employee satisfaction, because you make fewer mistakes and can offer employees more insight (e.g. in leave balances)
- React quickly to changes in the market by using real-time data
- Reduce errors in compliance with legislation and thus lower risks

Workforce planning means ensuring that your workforce matches the needs of your organization. With optimal workforce planning, you have neither too much nor too little staff with the necessary qualities to perform the tasks within your organization.