Partner programme for payroll professionals

Scoring as a top advisor

As a payroll professional, administrative work takes up a lot of your time. While customer contact and service are at least as important. The Dyflexis partner programme ensures that you can score as a top consultant and that you have more time for personal contact.

Automate time recording and payroll

All client hours enter the payroll package directly. As a result, you only have to check the data, after which you initiate the payroll.

More time for clients

The link ensures that you spend less time on administration. This allows you to devote your time to personal contact with customers and the personal development of you and your team members. Did you know that Dyflexis makes you a Workforce Management expert?

Become a workforce management expert

As a payroll professional, you are more than just an administrator for clients, you are also an advisor. You become a Workforce Management advisor with Dyflexis. You know exactly how to tell them how to set up efficient staff planning and time recording. Want to know more about Workforce Management?

A win-win situation

The Dyflexis partner programme creates a win-win situation for you and your customer. You save time on payroll, leaving you more time for personal contact with the customer. While your customer benefits from optimal personnel planning and time recording.

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