App for Android and iOS

App for rosters, leave and balances

The Dyflexis Scheduling app for Android and iOS means that employees can always see their roster, wherever they are. Furthermore, the app also provides several handy functions for managers.

Synchronize all your calendars

With the Dyflexis Calendar Sync, users know how to link their external calendars such as Google Calendar, Outlook, iCloud, and Yahoo to the Dyflexis app. In this way, they always have their appointments at hand while they report their (un)availability or leave. This prevents confusion and above all errors.


The app allows employees to see when they are scheduled to work, or if there have been any changes to the roster. Employees also receive a notification when new shifts are created that they may want to work.

Exchange shifts

The app allows employees to exchange shifts. The employer can then see in Dyflexis which employees have exchanged shifts. If the employer agrees to the shift change, everyone receives a confirmation.

Management Dashboard

The app has a Management Dashboard especially for managers. This dashboard includes features such as comparing the forecast and actual turnover and staff costs. This data allows well-grounded decisions to be taken about whether to deploy more or fewer staff.