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Gain insight into absenteeism and overtime

Clear overviews provide insight into absenteeism. View absenteeism figures by employee or by department and compare different periods. This allows you to spot potential problems in advance. It is also possible to create a personnel file in Dyflexis by attaching a note to a specific employee when he or she is sick or late.

Increase employee happiness

With Dyflexis, your employees will have more control over their own schedule. In part, because they can trade shifts among themselves and because they can indicate when they are available. This increases their sense of involvement and helps them to keep an eye on their work-life balance. Working with Dyflexis also means that less mistakes will be made. Employees will no longer be included in the schedule when they are on leave and salary payments will always be correct. These are all factors that contribute to more happiness.

Keep a grip on your personnel costs

As the HR manager, you want to stay in control of personnel costs. That way, you are able to use your budget as efficiently as possible. During the staff planning process, Dyflexis shows you how high the personnel costs will be in relation to the budget. This allows you to make timely adjustments and prevent unexpected surprises. And if the budget is exceeded nevertheless, you will always be able to pinpoint exactly when and why this happened.

Anticipate required capacity

It is easy to create forecasts in Dyflexis. For example, on the basis of historic data in combination with weather forecasts and data from other systems that you enter into Dyflexis. This allows you to hire additional staff on time or to let employees go. Seeing which employees have specific skills or certificates is also easy with Dyflexis. Very useful when you want to ensure that there are sufficient employees who are qualified to deal with emergencies or that there is always someone in the late shift who is able to do the closing.

Calculate and see your benefit immediately

With our calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate how many euros you will save by using Dyflexis. The tool shows you the savings potential based on your industry, FTE and hourly wage, among other factors. You can also receive an extensive report including a brochure. Don’t wait any longer and use the calculator.

Easily monitor staff performance

Do you wish to see both turnover and personnel costs at a single glance? This information is provided by the Dyflexis Management Dashboard. Select the period that you wish to analyse and view turnover, personnel costs, productivity by location or department.

Seamless Payroll Integration

We sync your employee data automatically from your payroll system to Dyflexis. Also, worked hours are send to the payroll system with one click. This integration streamlines payroll processes, reduces errors, and frees up time for strategic HR management.