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We are Data Rockstars!

After a successful audit, Dyflexis has demonstrated that it meets the requirements set in the Data Pro Code. This Code is a concrete elaboration of the Dutch GDPR in accordance with Article 40 Avg for processors of personal data: the Data Processor. The Data Pro Code... Read more >

We are Data Rockstars!

After a successful audit, Dyflexis has demonstrated that it meets the requirements set in the Data Pro Code. This Code is a concrete elaboration of the Dutch GDPR in accordance with Article 40 Avg for processors of personal data: the Data Processor. The Data Pro… Read more >

Product Update: action required!

In this article we provide you some updates about the Dyflexis software. We have improved the app by adding hours overview, you are able to schedule in bulk and we made some adjustments in the leave overview. Determine the content of employee hours overview yourself:… Read more >

Working in shifts: how to create the perfect planning

Shift work is common in many sectors. How these shifts are organised differs from one company to the next. There are a number of commonly used shift schedules, but there are many variations. This can make it quite difficult to see the wood for the… Read more >

Workforce management: more than just staff scheduling

Workforce management (abbreviated as WFM) has received increased attention lately. That’s a good thing, because lots of organizations can improve at this particular area. But, what does workforce management actually mean? Let’s delve into the world of WFM. What is workforce management? The right person,… Read more >

Our 3000th customer: FRUITSOLUTE!

FRUITSOLUTE is Dyflexis’ 3000th customer! Dyflexis visited the company in Poeldijk with champagne and the coveted Dyflexis sabre. The originally German company focuses on services related to the ripening, sorting and packaging of tropical fruit and is, therefore, part of Dyflexis’s diverse customer base from… Read more >

Get the most out of Dyflexis!

We have concluded from research that many customers who have been using our system for a long time no longer benefit 100% from what Dyflexis has to offer. Because they have grown, because their way of working has changed or because the new features that… Read more >

Dyflexis and Celery sign partnership deal for a complete HR and payroll service

Dyflexis personnel planning and online payroll specialist Celery have signed a partnership deal, with the aim of offering customers of both companies operating in the Caribbean a complete HRM solution. Joris van Daalen, Partner Manager at Dyflexis: “Since Celery and Dyflexis serve many of the… Read more >

Save costs on payroll and prevent mistakes by connecting to a payroll system

When you perform the salary payment process manually, it not only costs you an unnecessary amount of time, it also leaves the door open for mistakes. Dyflexis personnel planning and time registration software can be linked to various leading payroll systems, which streamline your entire… Read more >

Stocks, Orders & Staff: 5 practical employee scheduling tips for e-commerce

One click of the mouse is all it takes to place the order. While the consumer sits back and reads the delivery confirmation message, the wheels start to rotate in the distribution warehouse of the webshop. In order to fulfill the promise of the delivery… Read more >

New free webinars in May and June

Dyflexis will again be offering webinars for free in the coming weeks. You can sign up below! Wednesday 27 May, 10:00 till 12:00 Advanced course (in Dutch) with a question round afterwards. Topics: turnover budgets forecasting tips and tricks   Wednesday 3 June, 10:00 till… Read more >

Fine imposed for mandatory finger scan

It was reported today that the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) has issued a fine of 725,000 euros to an unspecified company for violating the GDPR. The company in question failed to follow multiple GDPR guidelines for processing employees’ fingerprints. No consent from employees Employees… Read more >

Product Update April

New design for contract screen • New notifications in the payroll and helpful check mark feature • Select when a holiday supplement applies • Extensive label feature • Experience the user-friendliness of the new inbox • Live on BNR: Dyflexis CEO • Reminder: major update… Read more >

App Special

We have good news! The new version of the Dyflexis app will soon be available for download. In this Product Update, we’ll tell you what changes we’ve made to the app and how you can best prepare for the update. Finally, you can also read… Read more >

Coronavirus Update Dyflexis

Now that the coronavirus is increasingly spreading in the Netherlands, the necessary protective measures are being taken. For example, the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has determined that people should try to work from home as much as possible. The Dyflexis… Read more >

Unveiled: the secret of our weather rating!

If a pine cone opens its scales, it means dry weather. The louder crickets chirp, the warmer it gets. If a halo appears around the moon, brace yourself for heavy rainfall. There are countless ways to predict the weather through natural phenomena. In the Netherlands… Read more >

2020 trends in personnel planning

Every year the workforce undergoes major changes. Especially in these times of digitization and increased need for flexibility, companies are also forced to continue to innovate in the field of personnel planning. Do you also want to have the right people in the right place… Read more >

WAB Special : Application of the new legislation in Dyflexis

What is expected of you now that the Labor Market in Balance Act (WAB) is about to enter into force? Rules regarding employment contracts and dismissal are changing. In this special, you can read how Dyflexis is preparing you for the new law. Purpose of… Read more >

Product Update October

To kick off this Product Update we first we want to tell you about the new login screen and the new way to invite your future employees to Dyflexis. Additionally, want to introduce you to our Early Birds program. We also introduce Balances, the new way for employees… Read more >

Dyflexis (now officially) storms the German market

Düsseldorf, October 1st, 2019 – This week, Dyflexis is officially launching its online scheduling and time tracking software on the German market. At ‘The Anuga‘, the world’s largest trade fair for food and beverages which takes place in Cologne from 5 to 9 October, Dyflexis… Read more >

Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) – A Walhalla for on-call workers

Do you work a lot with on-call workers? A new dutch law called: ‘The Balanced Labor Market Act’ (WAB) prescribes, among other things, that from January 2020 on-call workers with a zero-hour contract or a min/max contract must be called up at least four days… Read more >

European Court obliges companies to register work hours

The economy is doing well in Europe. Companies are getting bigger and bigger which means the number of employees is increasing. Companies with a pleasurable workplace hear little complains from employees working an extra hour. However with a large group of employees it is sometimes… Read more >

Time to tag!

Next to clocking in and out using your finger, it has also been possible to do the same with a Dyflexis card. Because we’re flexible and love diversity we added a third option to this list. The Dyflexis tag, small and easy to use. Perfect … Read more >

Managing the holiday planning? Here are five steps to making the perfect schedule.

Managing the holiday planning? Here are five steps to making the perfect schedule. You know it when the conversations at the coffee machine are once more dominated by topics such as whether or not to wear shorts, how hard and where the fan is blowing… Read more >

Sprout: Dyflexis has one of the best offices in the Netherlands

All of us were already aware that Dyflexis operates from an amazing space, of course. Now, however, Sprout has named our office one of the most attractive workspaces in the Netherlands. For over twelve years now, Sprout has been connecting and inspiring ambitious entrepreneurs via… Read more >

How hard is your team working?

When you are paying your employees by the hour, the old business cliché ‘time is money’ becomes particularly apt. But unless you are a manufacturing company, it can be difficult to tell what kind of return you’re getting from any particular employee. When you are… Read more >

Dyflexis wins the Horecava Innovation Award

Dyflexis wins the Horecava Innovation Award The ‘Rendementscoach’ from Dyflexis, BDO and Eijsink Afrekensystemen has won the Horecava Innovation Awards prize awarded by the public. This year marked the first time that, in addition to the expert jury prize the Horecava Innovation Award, a Horecava… Read more >

The metamorphosis of Hotel Arena

Hotel Arena is a characteristic hotel nestled at the edge of the Oosterpark in Amsterdam. The hotel first opened its doors as a hostel for young people from all corners of the globe in 1992. Today, the hotel has earned four stars and has grown into… Read more >

“I couldn’t get along without it,” says Mandy from Rituals Arnhem

It’s important to take a step back every now and then, to really savour the moment. Whether that means taking a nice, long bath or creating an atmosphere of comfort using exclusive fragrances and perfumes, Rituals Cosmetics helps its customers find happiness in the little… Read more >