European Court obliges companies to register work hours

The economy is doing well in Europe. Companies are getting bigger and bigger which means the number of employees is increasing. Companies with a pleasurable workplace hear little complains from employees working an extra hour. However with a large group of employees it is sometimes difficult to keep an overview of who worked when and till how late.

The necessity of always keeping a good record of all hours worked, became clear after a dispute between the Deutsche Bank and its Spanish branch. According to their headquarters, there was incompetent evidence that proofed the Spanish employees had worked overtime. No Spaniard was paid. The European Court of Justice came in between and decided that the verification of working overtime lies with the employer.

All EU member states are now instructed to set up a concrete national arrangement. This regulation must ensure that all companies are obliged to set up an objective, accessible and above all, reliable system. As a result all the hours worked by your employees will have to be registered.

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