Get the most out of Dyflexis!

We have concluded from research that many customers who have been using our system for a long time no longer benefit 100% from what Dyflexis has to offer. Because they have grown, because their way of working has changed or because the new features that have been added to Dyflexis have not yet been (fully) taken into use.

For this reason, we are offering an optimization program in the summer of 2020, during which a Dyflexis consultant will help you to use Dyflexis even more efficiently. During an optimization program you will get answers to the following questions:

Do my work processes still suit my current organization?
Has your company undergone any changes, resulting in workflows becoming less clear and efficient? Could the process be more efficient? Are the right people doing the right things?

Am I planning economically and do I have the correct management information?
Do you plan based on real-time insight into contracts, forecasts and reports? Have you linked your system so that you can manage your bookings, budgets, (expected) orders, or other essential data for you? Do you already use labels that allow you to plan employees based on experience, skills and certifications?

Can I complete my payroll process with a few clicks of a button?
Are your allowances calculated automatically? Does Dyflexis perform all necessary calculations for your remuneration? Is your salary package already connected?

During the optimization program, all these questions are answered. In addition, we will immediately make adjustments to your system, so that you can get back to business in the most optimal way. Our experience tells us that in the last quarter of the year we are often very busy with the implementation of new systems that go live in the new year. That is why we have reserved additional time in the coming months for these optimization programs. So be sure to give your Dyflexis system a big boost this summer!

Send an email to for more information about our optimization programs!


Get the most out of Dyflexis with these webinars!

As you know, basic and advanced courses are available every week. You will find these in the knowledge base! Dyflexis will also be offering a number of high-profile webinars in the coming weeks! These webinars will be given in Dutch. If you are interested in an English version, please send your request to

Friday 17 juli, 10:00 til 11:00: Is your Dyflexis still up-to-date?
During this webinar Renier and Youri will present the features we’ve developed over the past few years. We’ve noticed that not all customers are using these functionalities yet. If you want to be sure that your Dyflexis system is still up-to-date, please participate in this webinar.

Thursday 23 juli, 11:00 til 12:00: Preview: confirm and approve hours via the app
We would like to take you through the latest app developments. We want to give administrators the capability to confirm and approve hours via the app. For this reason we have created a demo and would like to ask for your input, so that we can refine the feature. This webinar is provided by Thomas Scheijbeler.

You can sign up here for the Dutch webinars!