Our 3000th customer: FRUITSOLUTE!

FRUITSOLUTE is Dyflexis’ 3000th customer! Dyflexis visited the company in Poeldijk with champagne and the coveted Dyflexis sabre. The originally German company focuses on services related to the ripening, sorting and packaging of tropical fruit and is, therefore, part of Dyflexis’s diverse customer base from now on.

International and progressive

Dyflexis has been an international company with offices in both the Netherlands and Germany since 2019. Dyflexis focuses, among other branches, on companies from production & warehousing. FRUITSOLUTE is a great example of this as an international and progressive company.

To stay in control, you need an overview. Without an overview, there is no strict policy and no optimal staffing. Without an overview, you always pay too much and you lose time. FRUITSOLUTE recognizes that the use of Dyflexis offers the opportunity to keep an overview and also benefit from it. Moreover, Dyflexis and FRUITSOLUTE know that you have to be competitive to stay ahead of the competition and invest where possible. Innovation equals growth and makes room for bigger plans!

Dyflexis, “Time for Bigger Plans!”

Rick Post, General Manager at FRUITSOLUTE, was looking for a system that offers a solution to current problems and at the same time could grow with it. A company that looks to the future and thinks along. A system that’s flexible, that thinks ahead. Dyflexis offers that. Chunky schedules are now a thing of the past, hidden costs are mapped out and the overview offers space for larger plans! In the article below you can read more about how Rick Post explained the vision of FRUITSOLUTE after the festive reception.

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