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The ultimate workforce management software for the health sector

We develop Workforce Management software for the health sector to make planning and time registration as efficient as possible. Staff planning and time registration will take less time, leaving you with more time to spend on your patients.

Create efficient work schedules in no time

Easily roll out flexible online schedules based on availability, budgets, overtime, and number of patients. With seamless transitions between shifts, you ensure that there is always a member of staff present. Give your employees more freedom to self-schedule. The extensive permission structure enables you to divide the tasks among your employees. If you are still understaffed, you can easily create open shifts. Any adjustments made are immediately visible to everyone. That’s why Dyflexis is the ultimate workforce management software for the health sector.

Planning based on skills and certificates

Especially in the health sector, you need employees with specific skills or certificates to be present every day, such as an emergency response or HACCP qualification. Therefore, you can simply assign labels to such employees and specify daily minimum label requirements. The system will notify you if the label requirements are not met. You will also be notified in case of a violation of the Working Hours Act, so that you no longer have to think about this yourself.

All schedules accessible in the app

You can make the work schedules available online at the touch of a button. This means that your employees will be able to view the schedules in the Dyflexis app and desktop website. They can also use the app to record the number of hours worked, request leave and swap shifts. Naturally not without your permission, so you stay in control of the availability of your employees at all times.

Use the clocking system to clock in and out quickly and easily

The Dyflexis workforce management software can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA clocking system. Employees can use this system to easily register their working hours by means of a personal identification card, such as a public transport card or bankcard. A personal but not privacy-sensitive solution. Because it is fully integrated with Dyflexis, you are able to monitor in real time the difference between scheduled and registered working hours.

Clear time registration for easy workforce management

Dyflexis contains a useful time registration overview. The number of hours worked can be recorded on the basis of the work schedule that you have created or registered automatically by the Rex-O-Matic NOA. The clock-in and clock-out times are shown next to the scheduled start and end times in a single overview. Important for the health sector are overtime, surcharges, meal allowances or mileage. These are taken into account by the WFM system automatically.

The link between Dyflexis and your payroll administration ensures that the right data is being used at all times. All the different types of hours are sent from Dyflexis to your payroll administration directly. This means that working hours, comp time and leave are automatically synchronised in the programs. Your payroll process will be less error-prone and take less time, leaving you with more time to focus on providing care!