Care and Welfare

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Within care and welfare Dyflexis is the perfect tool for time registration and staff scheduling. This reduces your administrative tasks which means it's less time consuming.

Flexible scheduling

By deploying your staff at the right time you can be sure that the day runs smoothly. Is a smooth run trough of tasks crucial for you? Quickly adjust your staff planning based on the availability of your employees. This way you will never get in trouble with your staff planning.

Smart time clock system

Dyflexis can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA, our own time clock system. By scanning a personal card, such as an OV chip card or bank card, employees can register the start and end time of their shifts within seconds. Private, but not privacy sensitive. The recorded times are immediately shown in Dyflexis. Because Dyflexis and the Rex-O-Matic NOA are fully integrated, planned and actual hours worked can be compared at a glance.

Easy way for registrating worked hours

In collaboration with the Rex-O-Matic, our time clock, you can easily and quickly register the working hours of your staff. All worked and planned hours are clearly displayed on a screen. When a working month has expired, you can easily send the rewards through our links with various applications.