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Integrations and APIs

Dyflexis is scalable and flexible. Whether you have ten or thousands of employees, Dyflexis' workforce management software can be adapted to any desired environment. For example, you are able to process the approved hours with your payroll system, link them with cash register systems to place your turnover next to the wage costs or use information lines that help you achieve the most optimal staffing rate.

HR- and Payroll API

Link your payroll software with Dyflexis for payroll processing. Data is exchanged between Dyflexis and the desired coupling effortlessly. By doing so, you will never have duplication of tasks and you avoid mistakes.



Give your reports a boost with Dyflexis' BI links. The approved hours are visible in your report, so that you can make the right decisions. For example, the difference between planned and worked are accessable in you BI-tools, as well as leave and allowance hours.


Data Driven Planning

Push information into Dyflexis by external channels for a perfect schedule. Create your planning based on orders, visitors, patients or place settings you can expect at a glance.


Link your Cash Register System

If you use a cash register, it is possible to link your cash register system to Dyflexis. This link allows you to exchange sales information between your cash register and Dyflexis. This is useful when you want to make a comparison between sales and personnel costs.


Access control and employee happiness

With the Dyflexis access control system you are able manage access control, attendance registration and visitor registration in one system. Employees are registered once and use their means of control for both access control and the clock system.


Dyflexis has corporations with accountants and payroll processors

Make use of our partner network and get the most out of Dyflexis. Accountants, payroll processors and resellers offer solutions for your personnel management. These partners have been carefully selected and represent the vision of Dyflexis.

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