Quality and security

The quality of our products and services along with the security of your data are our top priority. That is why we fuss about the details.

Information Security at Dyflexis

Dyflexis is certified in compliance with the newest international rules for personal data security, and quality management. We are continuously working on improving our processes and we are proud we can add our name to the list of companies with a ISO 27001:2022and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

We have the following certifications

ISO 27001:2022

> The international standard for information security management

> Protecting and securing your data

> Compliance with national and international rules and regulations

> Continuous improvement of safety procedures

> Creating safeguards for information security

ISO 9001:2015

> The international standard for quality management

> Customer centricity and satisfaction

> Compliance with national and international rules and regulations

> Ensuring the highest quality standards

> Continuous improvement

ISO 27001:2022

Information Security

Protecting your data

We are ISO 27001:2022certified and therefore, comply with the highest international standards for information security designed for all types of organisations. You can trust that your data is secure at all times. Furthermore, we are always improving our security protocols to keep up with new innovations.

Full compliance

Not only our software is ISO certified, but all our operations have been thoroughly assessed. This means that you can trust that you will always be helped by someone that went through an extensive screening and that your data will stay confidential.

ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management


Quality ISO 9001:2015 ensures the highest standard of quality. Customers can always expect the very best from Dyflexis. Our performance is continuously assessed and used to improve our service.

Continuous improvement

Naturally, we will not stop improving our way of doing business after obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate. We are reassessed annually by an independent audit company. This way, it can be ensured that our quality management is never outdated.