Partner programme for IT consultancy

Together for a complete solution

As an IT consultant, you want to offer your client a complete solution. Even for parts that are beyond the capabilities of your software. At Dyflexis, we think the same way. That is why we like to join hands and work together. Together, we provide our customers with a complete solution.

As an organisation, you want to offer your customer the most complete solution possible. Dyflexis offers you and your customer a solution that goes beyond staff planning and time recording. Dyflexis offers a complete Workforce Management solution.

All data available everywhere

To provide a complete solution, integrations are key. By exchanging data and information between the two systems, the customer has a complete IT solution.

Bring in the expert

Is your customer facing challenges in the area of workforce planning and time recording? Or does it want to integrate workforce management software with other IT systems? Then you have come to the right place at Dyflexis. We work together to provide your customer with the best advice.

Long-term cooperation

With customers, your organisation is seen as the expert and advisor on IT solutions. For that, you want to work with reliable partners and collaborate on a long-term vision.

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