Do you want to be the future's best advisor?

Discover the Dyflexis Partner Programme

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As an accountant and payroll professional, you fulfil an advisory role to your clients. And this advisory role is becoming increasingly important. Grab the lead and take your service to the next level.

Less manual work, more advice

Hi client, thanks for sending the hours worked. Question, how do you actually record those hours? And, what about scheduling actually? Can you take personal preferences and budgets into account?” When you know how to advise clients more broadly, you ensure that you become the consultant within their organisation. As a result:

You are known as an innovative service provider
Clients come to you for their advice
You stay ahead of competition

Which type of partner will you be?

Tech Partner

As a Tech Partner, you will work with us to help joint customers as best as possible. We do this by making both your product and our software work optimally with a link.

Affiliate Partner

Do you have customers with scheduling and time registration challenges? For the best solution, you refer them to Dyflexis. When they become our new customer, you will receive compensation.

Implementation Partner

You are a true Workforce Management expert. An implementation partner is a person or organisation that implements our software at new customers on behalf of Dyflexis.

Value Added Reseller

As a VAR, you know Dyflexis from A to Z. You are able to sell, implement and support our software. WFM becomes part of the service.

Work smarter, not harder

Ideally, you want to spend as little time as possible fixing errors, mutations and double entries. After all, this comes at the expense of your handling speed. After all, you can’t spend this time on advice and innovations.

Scoring as a top consultant!

The consultant of the future knows what data is relevant to the work field. The next step is to translate this data into steering information. This allows your clients to base tactics on facts and figures instead of assumptions. This is how you make sure you become the top scorer for your clients.

Become a WFM expert with the Dyflexis Partner Portal

The Dyflexis Partner Portal provides useful information to make you the consultant of the future. For example, there are brochures you can share with clients and educational content that will make you a true Workforce Management expert! Does your customer have Workforce Management challenges? With the Partner Portal you can easily submit opportunities. You can then view the status of your submitted opportunities in the personalised dashboard.