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Retail & Warehousing

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The ultimate workforce management for retail and warehousing

Staff costs are a significant expense in the retail and warehousing sector. However, the Dyflexis workforce management software allows you to save time and money.

Easy scheduling and optimal workforce management

Dyflexis is the software package  for retail and warehousing that allows you to easily organize your workforce management, such as staff planning and time registration. The ERP links and automatic calculations provide you with an overview of all the factors that are important for the planning process, such as the number of orders, the personnel costs and the weather forecast. What’s more, our extensive permission structure allows you to assign powers to specific persons. The power to create schedules, for example, or to sign off on hours worked or approve leave.

Use labels to meet your daily requirements

Some employees have specific skills or certificates, such as an emergency response qualification or forklift operator license. With the Dyflexis workforce management software, you can easily assign labels to employees. And for each type of label, you can specify a daily requirement. You will then be notified if the planning does not meet these requirements. If you want to know how this works in detail, click the button below to request a demo.

Access by app and desktop

The Dyflexis app ensures that you and your staff always have the right information. Ranging from availability, planning, leave requests, number of hours worked, absenteeism and leave: a single app provides clear information for everyone in retail and e-commerce organization. It is also possible for employees to register their own number of hours worked, absenteeism and leave, to which they can also add breaks, meals, travel distance and comments. All that is left for you to do is approve the hours they have registered. This way, you stay in control at all times.

Clocking system with personal identification card

The Dyflexis workforce management software can be expanded with the innovative and robust Rex-O-Matic NOA clocking system. Employees can use this system to easily register their working hours by means of a personal identification card, such as a public transport card or bankcard. A personal but not privacy-sensitive solution. Because the clocking system is fully integrated with Dyflexis, you are able to monitor in real time the difference between scheduled and registered working hours.

Easy time registration for retail and warehousing

The time-registration section contains an useful time registration overview where you can approve or manually adjust the number of hours worked. Signing off on the number of hours means that not only the difference between the planned and actually worked number of hours is calculated, but also the breaks and rounding are taken into account. This way, you keep track of the time registration of your employees at all times.

Useful reports for optimizing workforce management

Dyflexis provides insight into budgeted and actual personnel costs in order to keep a grip on costs. These overviews can be viewed at different levels: by location, department, person and period. Extensive reports are also available for staff members being posted at different locations. For more information, check our reporting page or request an online demo.

Link to your payroll administration

Dyflexis can easily be linked to your payroll administration. The automatic exchange of data minimises the risk of errors and reduces the time you need to spend on administration and double-checking. Because salary payments are processed at the push of a button, it is no longer necessary to calculate the number of hours by hand. Dyflexis provides you the opportunity to digitalize your retail and warehousing business.

Frequently asked questions

Dyflexis personnel planning software offers users amazing ease of use by showing relevant information about employee contract information during the planning process. During the scheduling process the system shows administrators, among other things, information about the minimum hours that an employee must work, the accrued leave, hourly wages, etc. In addition, it is very easy to allocate allowances for shifts at night, in weekends, on public holidays etc., with just a few button clicks.

With our API it is possible to couple your cash register with Dyflexis. As a result, you will have immediate insight into the number of real-time visitors and the turnover when creating the work roster. Via the Management Dashboard in the Dyflexis personnel planning app, you can check how well the realized turnover compares with the expected turnover and personnel costs. By integrating with your cash register system, you are always able to maintain a firm grip on personnel costs.

Dyflexis makes it easy for users to manage personnel scheduling and time tracking across multiple sites (e.g. stores and warehouses) from one system. In Dyflexis you can immediately see which employees can be scheduled at different locations. You can also keep track of the time registration per branch and split it for payroll administration. Various reports allow you to analyze and compare the performances of different locations.