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Streamlined scheduling and Workforce Management

Dyflexis simplifies workforce management in retail and warehousing, enhancing staff scheduling and time tracking. Automated calculations provide insights into important planning factors like order volumes, personnel costs, and weather forecasts. Our extensive permission structure allows designated individuals to create schedules, approve hours worked, or manage leave requests.

Meet your daily requirements

Some employees have specific skills or certificates, such as an emergency response qualification or forklift operator license. With the Dyflexis workforce management software, you can easily assign labels to employees. And for each type of label, you can specify a daily requirement. You will then be notified if the planning does not meet these requirements.

Rex-O-Matic NOA Clocking System

Enhance your workforce management with the Rex-O-Matic NOA, an innovative clocking system integrated with Dyflexis. Employees can easily log their hours using personal ID cards like public transport or bank cards, ensuring a privacy-respecting solution. Monitor the real-time discrepancies between scheduled and actual working hours efficiently.


This app will be your best friend

The Dyflexis Scheduling app for Android and iOS makes it for employees to easily eccess their schedule and communicate. Need to register hours? Time registration can be set up according to your wishes and your collective labour agreement. Via the app, registering hours is a piece of cake.

Calculate and see your benefit immediately

With our calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate how many euros you will save by using Dyflexis. The tool shows you the savings potential based on your industry, FTE and hourly wage, among other factors. You can also receive an extensive report including a brochure.

Time registration for easy workforce management

The time-registration section contains an useful time registration overview where you can approve or manually adjust the number of hours worked. Signing off on the number of hours means that not only the difference between the planned and actually worked number of hours is calculated, but also the breaks and rounding are taken into account.

Integrate with your payroll software

We ensures that the right data is being used in Dyflexis to work with. All the different types of hours are sent from Dyflexis to your payroll administration directly. This means that working hours, comp time and leave are automatically synchronised. Your payroll process will be less error-prone and take less time.

Useful reports for optimizing

Dyflexis provides insight into budgeted and actual personnel costs in order to keep a grip on costs. These overviews can be viewed at different levels: by location, department, person and period. Extensive reports are also available for staff members being posted at different locations.