Workforce Management for payroll administrators

Always the right data

As a payroll administrator, you want data to be provided to you as orderly as possible. This allows you to swiftly process the data in your own payroll administration system and reduces the need for corrections afterwards. With our user-friendly workforce management system, your customers always register data in the correct manner. What’s more, our practical links allow this data to be sent to your payroll administration system at the click of a button.

Your customer combines important data centrally

Payroll administrators can easily and quickly create a staff schedule in Dyflexis. The number of hours worked are also registered in Dyflexis. This can be done by means of our app or the Rex-O- Matic NOA, our smart clocking system.  Employees can clock in and out quickly by means of a personal identification card (such as a public transport card or bankcard). Overtime, compensation amounts and leave are calculated and processed automatically. This way, all the information you need is combined by your customer at a central location.

Shall we join forces?

We work together with a number of excellent partners and would very much like to add you to that list. This way, we can join forces and achieve even more together. Are you interested in finding out what the advantages will be for you as a payroll administrator of working together with Dyflexis?

Prevent errors

By using Dyflexis, errors are prevented in several areas:

✔ Time registration;

✔ Processing of overtime, compensation amounts and leave;

✔ Transfer of the data to your system.

This means that you will need to spend less time on tracing and correcting errors, leaving more time to provide even better service to your customers.

All data correctly transferred to your system in one click

Our smart links allow your customer to send data to the payroll administration system with a single click. There is no need to convert Excel lists to the right format or re-enter data manually. How much time do you think this will save you and your customer?

Putting your best foot forward for your customers

As a payroll administrator, you like to take an extra step for your customers. You provide input, keep them informed of new developments and give advice. You also wish to make it as easy for them as possible. Dyflexis helps you to create a streamlined process: from planning and time registration to payment. At the same time, you help your customers to save time and costs.

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