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The ultimate staff planning and time registration system for the hospitality sector

Dyflexis is the most user-friendly staff planning and time registration software for bars, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality businesses. The information lines help to ensure that your staff schedule is optimized and efficient. Make use of the clear reports provided to gain insight into your personnel costs.

Flexible staff planning

By having staff available at the right times, your guests will always get the attention they deserve. Will the weather tomorrow be good enough for outdoor seating? Are you expecting a lot of guests? Is it busier than expected during the holidays? In Dyflexis you can immediately see which employees are available. It is even possible to view the reservations while you are creating the work schedule. This allows you, as a hospitality entrepreneur, to respond to changes by means of flexible schedules and inform your staff on time using the notification feature of the mobile app.

The right people in the right place

If there are only a few people who have a key or an emergency response certificate, for example, you can assign labels to these employees and specify minimum label requirements per shift. To prevent surprises, you will be notified by the system if the minimum requirements are not met.

Swift time registration with clocking system

While you are welcoming new guests, you do not have a clear view of when your staff is arriving or leaving. The Rex-O-Matic NOA, our clocking system, allows you to register your staff’s working hours swiftly and easily. Employees clock in and out using a personal identification card or tag. The time registration overview shows the overtime status and offers you the choice of whether to pay out overtime or to grant comp time.

Staff planning app hospitality sector

Your employees can always access the work schedules in our Dyflexis app (Android and iOS). They can also respond to open shifts, after which you can make a selection from the registered employees. In addition, your employees have insight into their balances and can swap shifts. Naturally not without your permission, so you stay in control of the schedule at all times.

Insight into your personnel costs

The management dashboards and reports provide insight into the personnel costs of your hospitality business. The reports enable you to compare the scheduled and actual hours worked /personnel costs by employee, department and location over a period of your choice. The dashboard displays your company’s expected and planned revenue, personnel costs, workforce and productivity.

The times registered in Dyflexis can be sent to your payroll administration system at the press of a button. This means that it is no longer necessary to calculate the number of hours by hand and communicate this to your bookkeeper. One push of a button suffices, it is as simple as that.