Partner programme for HR services

Together for a complete HR proposition

For a complete HR proposition, collaboration is crucial. Both within the software and outside the software. This is why we like to pull together with partners to help our customers put together a complete HR proposition.

As an organisation, you want to offer your customer the most complete solution possible. Dyflexis offers you and your client a solution that goes beyond personnel planning and time recording, a complete workforce management solution.

Control over staff costs

Your client wants his personnel costs to stay within the set budget. Dyflexis accurately tracks hours worked and salaries. As a result, your customer knows exactly what the personnel costs are and where they need to make adjustments.

All data available everywhere

Large organisations in particular work with different IT systems. To get the most out of them, it is crucial that these systems are integrated with each other. That is why our software integrates with various HR systems.

Compliance with laws and regulations

By working with Dyflexis, you ensure your client complies with laws and regulations. For example, we are experienced in implementing various collective labour agreements and labour legislation.

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