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Workforce Management for the leisure sector

Dyflexis is the user-friendly online staff scheduling system for quickly scheduling and tracking hours. It’s perfect for the leisure sector!

Swift staff scheduling

You strive for the most optimal staffing by having the right staff available at the right time. Take availability, leave and budget into account and find out who is certified for what. Quickly make changes to the work schedule if it becomes clear that you need employees with specific competences, such as emergency response qualifications. This prevents you from running into difficulties and making mistakes. The Dyflexis app makes your staff scheduling easy.

Make use of external information lines

Dyflexis can show you the expected number of visitors as well as the weather forecast. It is also possible to link your cash register to Dyflexis. This way, you always have crucial information at hand while creating the work schedule. Having flexible staff scheduling means that you are prepared for everything. Inform your staff of any open shifts by sending them a notification via the app! This helps you to prevent surprises.

Budget and comp time based planning

Do you wish to keep tabs on your personnel costs? While creating the work schedules, you will be able to see what these costs will amount to and what the comp time balance will be. Gather insights and set a budget in order to prevent surprises. If you want to know how this works in detail, click the button below to request a demo.

Schedules always at hand

By means of the Dyflexis app, your employees always have access to their work schedule and balances. They can also use the app to communicate their availability, register hours worked, respond to open shifts, swap shifts and submit leave requests. This way, you can give your employees more freedom to self-schedule. All that is left for you to do is to approve these request. This way you stay in control of the staff planning at all times.

Clocking in with personal identification card

The Dyflexis software can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA clocking system. Employees can use this system to easily register their working hours by means of a personal identification card, such as a public transport card or bankcard. A personal but not privacy-sensitive solution. Because it is fully integrated with Dyflexis, you are able to monitor in real time the difference between scheduled and registered working hours.

Processing time registration with a single push of a button

All the clocked times and planned and actual number of hours worked are sent to the time registration section. Here, you can approve them in one go or adjust them manually. The subsequently displayed overview shows the difference between the planned and actual number of hours worked, thus providing insight into the performance of your departments. This information is also incorporated into our useful and clear reports.

Link to payroll administration

Synchronisation of the data from your payroll administration and Dyflexis is easy. The hours recorded in Dyflexis can simply be forwarded to your payroll administration. This way the risk of errors is minimised!