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Swift staff scheduling

You strive for the most optimal staffing by having the right staff available at the right time. Take availability, leave and budget into account and find out who is certified to do what. Quickly make changes when the demna for the day change. Employees receive notifications automatically when a change has been made.

Schedule based on your forecast

Dyflexis can show you the expected number of visitors as well as the weather forecast. It is also possible to link your cash register to Dyflexis. This way, you always have crucial information at hand while creating the work schedule. Having flexible staff scheduling means that you are prepared for everything. Inform your staff of any open shifts by sending them a notification via the app!

Registering time was never so easy

Dyflexis seamlessly integrates with the Rex-O-Matic NOA clocking system, allowing employees to conveniently log their work hours using personal identification tags or cards like public transport or bank cards. With full integration, you can monitor the real-time variance between scheduled and recorded working hours effortlessly.

Schedules always at hand

By means of the Dyflexis app, your employees always have access to their work schedule and balances. They can also use the app to communicate their availability, register hours worked, respond to open shifts, swap shifts and submit leave requests. This way, you can give your employees more freedom to self-schedule. All that is left for you to do is to approve these request.

Calculate and see your benefit immediately

With our calculator, you can easily and quickly calculate how many euros you will save by using Dyflexis. The tool shows you the savings potential based on your industry, FTE and hourly wage, among other factors.  Don’t wait any longer and use the calculator.

Processing time registration with one click

The time registration screen shows you exactly when someone clocked in and out. This tells you whether employees worked accordingly. The overview shows the difference between the planned and actual number of hours worked, thus providing insight into the performance of your departments. This information is also incorporated into our useful and clear reports.

Integrate with your payroll software

The link between Dyflexis and your payroll software ensures that the right data is being used at all times. All the different types of hours are sent easily and often automatically to your payroll administrator. This means that working hours, comp time and leave are automatically synchronised. Your payroll process will be less error-prone and take less time.

Productivity measured easily

Dyflexis offers detailed insights into planned versus actual personnel expenses to help you manage costs effectively. These reports can be accessed at various levels, including by location, department, individual, and time period. Additionally, comprehensive reports are available for employees working across multiple locations.