Time and attendance tracking

Time and attendance tracking software

Dyflexis effortlessly records the working times of employees. At the same time you can keep track of time-off, overtime, sickness and leave time.

Efficient time registration

In Dyflexis you will find a handy overview for time registration. The hours can be entered manually or automatically registered by the Rex-O-Matic, our own time clock. You can see the clocked times in one clear overview next to the scheduled times. The system immediately shows when more or less work has been done than planned. If necessary, you can adjust the hours to be paid on the basis of the time registration.

Sickness and leave

When an employee is sick or requests leave, this needs to be recorded. Sickness leave and holiday leave can be properly recorded using Dyflexis without the need to separately amend the staff record, schedules and the time records.

Time clock system

Dyflexis can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA, our own time clock system. By scanning a personal card, such as an OV chip card or bank card, employees can register the start and end time of their shifts within seconds. Private, but not privacy sensitive. The recorded times are immediately shown in Dyflexis. Because Dyflexis and the Rex-O-Matic NOA are fully integrated, planned and actual hours worked can be compared at a glance.