Time to tag!

Next to clocking in and out using your finger, it has also been possible to do the same with a Dyflexis card. Because we’re flexible and love diversity we added a third option to this list. The Dyflexis tag, small and easy to use. Perfect  for the company keys or your car keys so you always have them at hand. 

Clocking in with the Rex-O-Matic (our finger scanner) is easy, quick and is one of the many nifty solutions that Dyflexis has to offer. By scanning their tag employees can submit the time they start and stop working, which automatically will be registered into the hour registration.


You can buy this small keychain for just €3,50 per piece with a minimal amount of 10 pieces. Are you interested in the tag or one of the many other smart ways to clock in? Our support team is happy to help you out!