Organize multiple locations

Split up the time and attendance tracking

Dyflexis lets you easily manage scheduling and time and attendance tracking across all of your locations. This means that you have an overview, whatever the size of your company.

Compare locations

Dyflexis allows you to compare the performance of various locations. For instance, you can find the sales and staff costs for each location in the Management Dashboard. Furthermore, it also gives management an insight into specific information such as the amount of overtime, and the levels of holiday and sickness leave at each location.

Split up the time and attendance tracking

If you keep track of time and attendance for various company locations, it can be hard to maintain an overview. This is certainly true when you have to take account of types of contracts, leave requests, sickness reports and so forth. In Dyflexis, you can split the time and attendance tracking of various locations for the payroll administration


Do you have too few staff at one of your locations? Dyflexis lets you see immediately the employees that can be deployed from other locations to solve this problem. By using automatic reports, it is easy and simple to invoice for all of your seconded staff.