Training courses & certification

To allow you to best use Dyflexis within your organisation, we offer various training courses. During these courses we will show you how the software works, but also how you the software can be deployed specifically within your organisation.

Implementation training
When you move to a new software package, it can be overwhelming. That is why we provide implementation training sessions to help orientate our new customers. During these training courses we will show you how to make the most effective use of Dyflexis in your organisation. Furthermore, we will help you to configure your system so that it fits optimally with your business operation.

Basic course
The basic course is intended for users who are new to Dyflexis. When your workforce changes, new employees can follow the basic course to learn how to work with Dyflexis. During this course we will take them through the most important functions. These include dealing with scheduling, time and attendance tracking, the staff record and the communication centre. At the end of the course, candidates will be able to effectively deploy Dyflexis for their organisation. Participants will also go home with a certificate to endorse this.

Advanced course
The advanced course is intended for users who want to get working with the advanced functions in Dyflexis. During the advanced course, extra attention will be given to functions that provide a greater understanding of management information and payroll administration. For instance, during this training course you will see how to get a better grip on staff costs using budgets and by configuring seasonal trends. At the end of the advanced course, you will be able to focus on staff costs and have Dyflexis optimally connected to the payroll administration. You will receive a certificate from us to endorse that you have followed the advanced course.