It is very important to us that they keep their word

“Dyflexis meets the needs of today. We can’t imagine why we didn’t start using this system sooner,” says Carmen Zoutendijk, HR manager at SnowWorld. “Staff planning is much easier now. In addition to deciding which staff members to include in the schedule, costs can also be factored in easily. Each department has its own budget and by taking these budgets into account, mistakes can be prevented.”

For what purposes does Snowworld use Dyflexis?
“We are currently using Dyflexis for staff scheduling and time registration. Planning can be difficult because our activities are seasonal to some extent and, thus, dependent on the weather. Because each day is different, it is very important to monitor the planning closely. A complex task that we are able to tackle with the aid of Dyflexis.”

“We try to keep it as simple and clear as possible. Dyflexis is very user friendly in that respect. For example, it is not necessary to call a number of ski instructors when an instructor is needed. The manager can now check the system to see immediately who is available and include them in the schedule. The ski instructor will be notified by the app. Managers are also in charge of the rounding rules. They decide how these are applied.”

How are schedules being created at the moment?
We have planners at each department instead of a planning department. Quickly creating correct schedules used to be quite a puzzle. However, planners are now able to create and approve correct schedules for their own department. Based on these schedules, managers have a clear view of and can thus better control the costs. It is nice that we have a complete overview of all the different locations. This way, we help each other and make sure that everything is well organised.

How does Dyflexis benefit employees?
“It is interesting for employees to have digital access to overviews of the number of hours worked, any vacant shifts and the days and shifts for which they have been scheduled. We notice that our staff mainly uses the app to check their shifts and possible changes. The finger scan is seen as a handy tool by our staff, because it enables them to quickly clock in before they start their work. The finger scan is used by 98%. The rest uses the white Dyflexis pass card.”

Have you noticed whether Dyflexis saves time?
“Yes, it takes much less time to fill vacant shifts. Employees now take the initiative to respond to these type of shifts. Because we have a lot of part-timers who do not work on fixed days, they can now indicate precisely when they will be available. This has the advantage that it can be used as management information. It also prevents discussions in situations where we rely on an employee to be available at the indicated moment.
At the moment we are also focusing on labels, which we now use for staff members who have been trained to deal with emergencies. We aim to extend this to other types of employees. It is nice that Dyflexis facilitates everything that we want.”

What about leave?
The leave application overview is very convenient and clear. As soon as a leave request is approved, the leave time is displayed instantly in the time registration overview. There is also an overview that shows approved and denied leave requests. This allows us to stay in control.

Do you recommend Dyflexis?
“We are pleased with the cooperation with Dyflexis and the services they offer. This makes planning and registering working hours at five different locations a lot easier. The support department is always there for us and is very flexible. It is also very important to us that they keep their word.”