Product Update October

The new log-in page

Maybe you have already seen it, but our login screen has been given a fresh new look. In addition, inviting new employees has become much easier and faster!

Now you can send new employees an invitation by email with which they can log in directly into the system. He or she no longer needs to go to the website to register. For direct access, the employee now creates an account with his or her e-mail address, username and password via the invitation.

Customers find the manual here!

Dyflexis now officially in Germany

We’re proud to announce that Dyflexis, after running some successful pilots, has officially been established in Germany. Our new Country Manager Germany, Johan Zwiauer, will settle in our new office on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf to help out our new German customers.

Read the full article here!

What does the Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) change for you?

Do you work a lot with on-call staff? The Balanced Labor Market Act (WAB) states that from January 1st 2020 on-call staff with a zero-hour contract or a minimum/maximum contract need to alerted four days before the job. If this doesn’t happen, he/she has the right to refuse the shift.

Read more about the consequences of the WAB act here.

Early Birds


early birds product update oktober


Are you someone that can barely wait for new updates to arrive and you want to be the first one to make use of our new features? Sign up to our new Early Birds program!

Customers that sign up to become an Early Bird will be the first to make use of our new features after they have been tested! We are looking forward to your feedback on these features so we can develop a better product.

My Balances

Perhaps you’ve already seen it; our login screen has a new design! Yet, that’s not the only change. We added a new way to invite your new employees in a more efficient and faster way!

You now can invite new employees by sending them a login link for your system. The employee now registers an account using the link using his or her email address, a username

and a password which immediately grants the employee access to Dyflexis. You don’t need to link the employee anymore. support team.

Updated Training page

Dyflexis customers know that we offer training courses to get to know the system better. During the four-hour basic training, we show how the system works and what the basic functions are. To offer users more in-depth knowledge, we also offer training courses for advanced users. In addition to such tips & tricks, we also teach you everything about economic planning, forecasts, time registration and payroll administration. In addition to the basic and advanced training, it is also possible to receive customized training. Please contact our support team for the possibilities.

From now on, you can easily register for one of our training courses on our website. You can click on the available data through a well-arranged menu. Visit the page and register quickly!

Basic course

This is where you learn the basics of Dyflexis. In this course you’ll learn everything about staff records, planning, scheduling and management tools. With this knowledge, you can directly start using our software yourself.

Advanced course

This is where you’ll get to know Dyflexis even better. You’ll learn everything about; economic planning, forecasts (budget and revenue), time- and wage-registration. We’ll give extra tips & tricks for different parts of Dyflexis. Also, there is more than enough room for all personal questions that you may have left.