Product Update: action required!

In this article we provide you some updates about the Dyflexis software. We have improved the app by adding hours overview, you are able to schedule in bulk and we made some adjustments in the leave overview.

Determine the content of employee hours overview yourself: action required! 

From the 17th of March, employees be able to access a complete overview in the app under ‘My balances’, showing all hours, calculations and allowances.

ACTION REQUIRED: This feature is not immediately live for employees. As an administrator, you must determine which parts your employees will see. You can set this via the desktop. Go via ‘settings’ (top right) to ’employee management’ and then ‘hours overview’. You can read more information in the manual.

Bulk changes in scheduling

Below the scheduling page, you will find the new “bulk actions” feature. It allows you to search for the shifts you want to change. With this feature, you can make bulk changes to schedules such as changing (date, time, employee) of shifts or creating or removing multiple shifts.

Please note the following features of this functionality:

• Changes you make in bulk cannot be reverted
• You can change a maximum of 300 shifts per action
• Shift markings will not change
• No notifications will be sent about bulk changes
• You cannot make bulk changes from top level
• Online / offline is not changed.
Tip: If you do not want to change published weeks, you can adjust the period. More information can be found on this page.

Adjustments in the leave overview

Permissions in leave overviews
The permissions that apply to processing leave requests now also affect the leave overviews. We have two overviews for leave: annual balance and statutory extra-statutory. These overviews can only be viewed by managers with the permission to ‘handle leave’.

If, according to these permissions, a manager may only approve the leave for department A, then he may also only see the employees who work in department A in the leave overviews (annual balances and statutory extra-statutory).

Department filter in leave overviews
The leave overviews are also enriched with a department filter. If you click on the filter icon, you can select the departments you want to view.

If you have ticked a department, it will be listed on the page and you can easily turn this filter off by clicking on the cross.

Support and knowledge base

Do you have any questions? Please feel free to contact our support department. You can of course also find all the information on our knowledge base.