Capacity Management

Who and how many people do I need?

Capacity management involves translating the expected amount of work into how many and which people you need to get all that work done. How large should your workforce be to achieve your expected goals? How do you account for availability, leave, and illness? These are all questions that come up in capacity management.

Personnel Budget

The personnel budget determines the maximum deployment of staff in hours, euros, or as a percentage of the expected turnover per department. This budget is set annually and serves as a basis for determining staff occupancy. During scheduling, it shows how much space is still available in the budget.

Qualifications and Competencies

The use of Dyflexis makes it easier and more effective to manage and track the qualifications and competencies of employees. All skills and training of employees are recorded in Dyflexis, including end dates. Based on daily requirements, you can schedule later and receive a notification if you do not meet such a requirement. Tracking the qualifications and competencies of employees is important for the effective deployment and professionalism of the company.

Contracts and Availability

Dyflexis displays the contracts and associated changes per employee. The contracts can be loaded via the Payroll API, reducing the chance of errors. In combination with the specified availability, administrators have all the information to schedule employees. The insight into contracts and availability makes scheduling employees faster and easier.

Leave and Absence

See all leave requests per department or contract type in one screen. Dyflexis provides the ability to quickly and easily view, evaluate, and process leave requests. Take into account the key evaluation criteria such as vacation balance, colleagues’ leave, and the employee’s schedule. After approval, the leave balance is automatically updated, and the employee is notified. The automatic updating of the leave balance and informing the employee ensures transparency and efficiency in leave management.