Workforce Management for staff planners

Fast and easy planning

Being a staff planner is not an easy task. You must take everybody’s preferences into account, comply with legislation, stay within budget and process leave days. And once you have accomplished all that, there will always be last-minute changes. On top of that, there is the communication: messages, emails, phone calls, notes from employees… All this takes time and is a lot of hassle. Especially if you are currently using Excel or planning software that is not really user friendly. Sounds familiar? Then you’ll be happy to hear what Dyflexis has to offer.

All the information a staff planner needs directly accessible

In Dyflexis, all the information you need for the planning process is directly accessible:

  • ✔Availability
  • ✔Specific certificates and skills Overtime balances
  • ✔Number of leave days
  • ✔The budget
  • ✔The weather
  • ✔Custom information that you can enter by means of our API

This way you can create the best possible schedules effortlessly.

Fast results with standard schedules

Dyflexis offers the possibility to create standard schedules that help to speed up the planning process even further. First, create a good basis, for example by starting with the standard shifts and your permanent employees. Once you’ve done that, planning is simply a matter of filling in the blanks. It is also possible to create multiple standard schedules and roll out a different schedule each week. A handy tool for when your employees work in shifts. Make your life as staff planner easier and request a demo.

Creating a shift in just a few clicks

Creating a new shift is super easy in Dyflexis:

  1. Select a shift
  2. Check which employees are available
  3. Select the best match
  4. Enter a start and end time
  5. Enter instructions for the shift if necessary
  6. Done!

Any changes? Drag, drop, done!

Do you currently spend a lot of time on processing changes? With Dyflexis this will be a thing of the past. Simply use drag and drop to move a shift and the system will take care of the rest. That’s how easy it can be.

Calculate your potential savings

Determine with our calculator your potential savings of using Dyflexis easily. The calculation is based on your branche, FTEs and wages. The calculation will be sent by an extended report to your email. Calculate your potential savings and anticipate directly!

Fill open shifts quickly

Open shifts can occur due to sickness, holidays or leave. In Dyflexis it is possible in such cases to send a notification to your employees, asking them if they can cover a particular shift. Using our comprehensive app, they can respond to the notification. You will then decide who will actually be working the shift. This way, you will be able to fill the shift in no time. If working a certain shift requires specific skills or qualifications, you can set conditions in order to allow only qualified employees to respond. This makes your life as a staff planner easier.

Making a mistake is easy, putting it right is often much harder. Dyflexis helps you to prevent errors. Our software takes legislation and leave days into account. What’s more, scheduling two persons for a single shift is impossible. Overtime and compensation amounts are calculated automatically. At the end of each pay period, our handy links allow you to send all the details to your payroll software at the press of a button.

Use the app to communicate with employees

The app makes it easy to communicate with your employees. By linking their personal calendar to Dyflexis, they can view their work schedule and personal calendar simultaneously, which makes things even clearer. Allow employees to indicate their availability and to trade shifts. Following your approval, this will be processed in the schedule automatically.  In case of an open shift, send a notification to those employees who have the right qualifications. This gives employees a certain amount of control over their schedule, while you stay in charge.

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