We regularly organize open training sessions to introduce our system to new users (the base course)  and to give a deeper understanding into Dyflexis for existing users (the advanced course). Participation costs are €100 pp including our renowned lunch. To ensure the quality of our training sessions  we have a participation limit of 8 people. Of course it’s possible to schedule a customized training session. If so, please contact our support team.

Base Course

This is where you learn the basics of Dyflexis. In this course you'll learn everything about staff records, planning, scheduling and the management tools. With this knowledge you can directly start using our software yourself.

Advanced Course

This is where you'll get to know Dyflexis even better. You'll learn everything about; economic planning, forecasts (budget and revenue), time- and wage-registration. We'll give extra tips & tricks for different parts of Dyflexis. Also there is more then enough room for all your personal questions that you may have left.