Time and attendance tracking software

Dyflexis effortlessly records the working times of employees. It is also simple to keep track of time-off in lieu, overtime, and sickness and leave time.

Time-off in lieu and overtime

Recording time-off in lieu and overtime can be extremely time consuming. In Dyflexis, you can accurately keep track of these and use them immediately for scheduling employees. Has an employee worked too much overtime? Then it makes sense to schedule a different employee.

Sickness and leave

When an employee is sick or requests leave, this needs to be recorded. Sickness leave and holiday leave can be properly recorded using Dyflexis without the need to separately amend the staff record, schedules and the time records.

Clocking in system with a finger scanner

Dyflexis can be expanded with Rex-O-Matic, our clocking in system. Employees can record the times that they start and end their shifts in seconds using a finger scanner. The recorded times can be immediately seen in Dyflexis.

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