Clocking in system with finger scanner

Rex-O-Matic, our clocking in system, makes it quick and easy for employees to clock in or out. Dyflexis automatically records working times using a finger scanner.

Rapid time tracking

Employees clock in or out by scanning their finger. It allows employees to clock in or out in a matter of seconds. Then Dyflexis automatically processes the recorded hours. This means that you no longer need to keep your eyes peeled all the time!

Scheduled and recorded times

Since Rex-O-Matic and Dyflexis are fully integrated, you can immediately compare scheduled time and the time actually worked. You can also configure rounding rules. For instance, If employees clock in at 8.50 am, then they have 10 minutes to get ready before they actually start work.

See who is at work

Dyflexis lets you see immediately when employees clock in or out. It means that wherever managers are, they can always see who is at work. This can be extremely convenient, such as in the event of an accident.

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