Dyflexis promotes employee satisfaction for Fuel Services Holland

Employee satisfaction, that is the most important thing for Fuel Services Netherlands. As the operator of 15 franchised BP service stations with 155 employees, FSN operates according to a hardcore franchise formula. Its distinctive character is reflected in the way FSN involves its employees in the organization. For example, they help decide on important rules such as those to be enforced and the optimization of activities.  

The Dyflexis workforce management system also responds to employee involvement by giving them the opportunity to respond to open shifts, report (un)availability & leave, and consult their balances.  And all that via the Dyflexis app. Communication between management and employees runs smoothly with Dyflexis, preventing discussions about hours worked.  

In terms of time savings, FSN now spends much less time scheduling due to the use of standard rosters. Where previously hours were spent creating a roster, it now takes less than an hour and is easily rolled out over several weeks. In addition, Dyflexis indicates who has overtime and certain classifications. This way FSN always has the most optimal staffing, taking also into account budget and forecasting. In addition, reports help to provide insight into time overruns, illness and leave. Responding to these reports enables FSN to be much closer to the ball and to anticipate where necessary. 

With Dyflexis FSN has a complete system from which everything can be arranged. A place where contracts are easily created and where you can see at a glance how many contracts an employee has. A system that shows leave requests in a single overview and makes it easy to detach staff. A solution that listens to our wishes and provides peace of mind for both the manager and the employee.