Rex-O-Matic NOA

Congratulations with your new Rex-O-Matic NOA! Read along to make your Rex-O-Matic ready to use in 3 simple steps.


1. Mount the Rex-O-Matic

  • Place the Rex-O-Matic on a stable surface.
  • Preferably fix the device to the wall with the supplied mounting materials.

Note! The Rex-O-Matic should not be placed in direct sunlight or in a damp environment.

2. Start the Rex-O-Matic

  • First, connect the network cable and second the power cable.
  • Switch on the Rex-O-Matic by pressing the button under the LED strip.
  • The Rex-O-Matic will automatically connect to the internet within a few minutes.
  • When the connection is successfully established, the network icon in the top left corner will light up white.

3. Register your employees

  • Go to the advanced settings via the menu icon at the top right, then scan the admin card to gain access.
  • You can now register your employees, via Employees in the menu.
  • Select an employee by clicking on the name.
  • Then select Add card and hold the personal card in front of the card reader.
  • When the card is registered you will hear a beep.