Daycare scheduling

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More than 3000 companies are already enjoying the benefits of Dyflexis

Dyflexis helps childcare services to make staff planning and time registration a lot easier. The user-friendly software provides easy access to work schedules, the number of hours worked, budgets and costs, at anytime and anywhere. This way, you can be certain that the staff to child ratio is always correct.

Easy time registration

Using the Dyflexis time-registration software, the hours worked by all your employees can be registered easily and quickly. The start and end times of each employee can then be viewed online. This gives you a clear overview of any overtime, reduction of working hours and comp time and ensures that your time registration data is always in order.

Connect Dyflexis to your payroll system

By means of several API links, Dyflexis can be connected to a wide range of systems. As a result, workforce managers don’t have to worry about the payroll administration. Because the payroll administration is forwarded directly, time is saved and the risk of errors eliminated.

Staff planning on the basis of qualifications

Some employees have specific skills or certificates. One employee may be qualified to deal with emergencies, while another may be a pedagogical counsellor. The Dyflexis workforce management software offers the possibility to assign labels to individual staff members. The system will display an alert in the event that insufficient employees with specific qualifications have been included in the schedule, thus allowing you to correct the work schedule immediately.

Dashboard and reports

The Workforce Management Dashboard helps you to keep a clear overview of the most important day-to-day information. Check the performance meters in order to quickly determine whether the expected personnel costs are in keeping with the actual costs. Use the various reports to analyse and compare the performance of different branch locations and departments.

Clocking system with personal identification card

The Dyflexis software can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA clocking system. Employees can use this system to easily register their working hours by means of a personal identification card, such as a public transport card or bankcard. A personal but not privacy-sensitive solution. Because the clocking system is fully integrated with Dyflexis, you are able to monitor in real time the difference between scheduled and registered working hours.