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Staff costs are a significant expense in the retail and e-commerce sector. However, the Dyflexis staff scheduling and time and attendance tracking software allows you to save time and money.

Easy time registration

With the Rex-O-Matic NOA, our own time clock system, you can register the work hours of cashiers, salespeople, warehouse employees and department managers in a quick and efficient way. Employees can clock in and out by simply scanning a personal card. Start and end times of all personnel can be viewed online, which makes it easy to keep track of overtime, ATV and time-for-time. This way your time registration is always in order!

Calculate the optimal staffing capacity

Dyflexis can be connected to various API and ERP systems. Thanks to these seamless connections, personnel planners are able to gain insight into such thing as the number of expected orders, stock numbers and budgets during the scheduling process. This gives you the necessary information you need to calculate the daily optimal staffing capacity and ensures you are never faced with any surprises!

Scheduling based on qualifications

Some employees have specific skills or certificates. An employee could, for example, be designated as the emergency response office, while other employees have obtained a certificate that allows them to drive the forklift. With the personnel planning software from Dyflexis you are able to label your personnel. When not enough workers with specific qualifications are put on the roster, the system will display a warning so you can immediately adjust the work schedule!

Convenient reports

As a retailer or branch manager, you want to know if you’re spending more or less on personnel costs than what you’ve budgeted. The reports in Dyflexis allow you to see at a glance the difference between the planned and worked hours. Because you can also manage multiple locations from one account, you’re able to compare the performances of different departments, shops and warehouses.

Smart time clock system

Dyflexis can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA, our own time clock system. By scanning a personal card, such as an OV chip card or bank card, employees can register the start and end time of their shifts within seconds. Private, but not privacy sensitive. The recorded times are immediately shown in Dyflexis. Because Dyflexis and the Rex-O-Matic NOA are fully integrated, planned and actual hours worked can be compared at a glance.