Staff costs are a significant expense in the retail sector. However, the Dyflexis staff scheduling and time and attendance tracking software allows you to save time and money.

Simple time recording

You can quickly and simply record the working times of cashiers, sales staff and department managers using Rex-O-Matic, our clocking in system. Employees clock themselves in and out by scanning their finger. You can then see online the times that all of your staff started and finished.

Convenient reports

As a retailer, you want to know whether you are spending more or less than you have budgeted for staff costs. The reports in Dyflexis show you at a glance the difference between scheduled and worked hours in your company. Configure budgets and trends to see when you need to make adjustments.

Multiple locations

Dyflexis lets you administer multiple locations at the same time. You can both schedule and record the hours for various locations from one account. You can also compare the performance of various shops in comprehensive reports.

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