Production and Warehousing

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Whether you are a production company with 10 staffmembers or a 24-hour production company with shift workers, Dyflexis streamlines your company and helps you to save on staff costs.

Smart time clock system

Dyflexis can be expanded with the Rex-O-Matic NOA, our own time clock system. By scanning a personal card, such as an OV chip card or bank card, employees can register the start and end time of their shifts within seconds. Private, but not privacy sensitive. The recorded times are immediately shown in Dyflexis. Because Dyflexis and the Rex-O-Matic NOA are fully integrated, planned and actual hours worked can be compared at a glance.

Simple time recording

Dyflexis gives you an overview of the difference between scheduled and hours that were actually worked. In this way, Dyflexis helps production companies to efficiently deploy their staff throughout the entire production process.

Convenient reports

To get a grip on costs, Dyflexis provides an insight of the anticipated and realised turnover and staff costs. Furthermore, it allows you to consult a wide range of reports. For instance, it allows you to immediately see the difference between scheduled and worked hours and what this means for the costs.