Software Gemak integrates with Dyflexis

The integration between Software Gemak and Dyflexis has been made for integrations of two types of data: empolyees' personal information and data (f.e. worked hours and leave hours). The data between Software Gemak and Dyflexis are can be exchanged easlily. After approval, the hours in Dyflexis are send to Software Gemak with the touch of a button.

Dyflexis + Software Gemak =

Avoid double entries

By using the integration between Exact and Dyflexis, double entries will be prevented.

Streamlined process

Both systems are always accurate, up-to-date and equal. This helps you to ratain overview and to keep control at all times.

Time savings

Timesheets in Dyflexis are shared with your payroll administration in Exact. This saves time and prevents mistakes.

Data Insights

Create a management dashbaord with KPIs based on data in Dyflexis and Software Gemak.

About Software Gemak - An Exact Company

Software Gemak is a supplier of software solutions for SMEs and enterprises. Over 100,000 customers rely on Software Ease for their accounting, HR and payroll processes, and office automation. With our track record, we know how to deliver business software which helps our customers to keep control over their business and finance.

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Dyflexis' solutions

Staff Scheduling

Dyflexis’ staff scheduling is devloped to establish staff schedules efficiently and easily. Create a clear schedule based on your employees’  availability, wages, budgets, classifications & more.

Time tracking

In Dyflexis you can registrate your employees’ working hours, including sick- and holiday leave effortlessly. You can even create your own customized hours yourself, which meets your requirement entirely.


Time clock system

Our time clock system, the Rex-O-Matic NOA, allows your employees to check in and out. By scanning a personal card, working hours will be registrated in Dyflexis automatically.

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