Product update November

First of all, hot of the press: the DPIA became obligated for finger scans. Furthermore, as of now, we are temporarily offering our information lines API for free, the Knowledge Base has had a makeover and we want to prepare you for the Holdays. To close things off we are announcing our WAB special and we present new dates on which you can follow training courses. Come and see!

Companies are obliged to investigate finger scan risks

Two days ago, the Dutch Data Protection Authority published the definitive DPIA list. This list contains all processing of personal data that requires a data protection impact assessment (DPIA). The use of finger scans has been added to this list. If you use the fingerprint scan via the Rex-O-Matic, this means that you must make a DPIA.

We are currently busy reviewing and updating our DPIA so that we can provide you with all the required information shortly. To comply with the Dutch Data Protection Authority, we will share this information with you as soon as possible.

Temporarily free: The new Information Lines API

Does the amount of staff that you need to plan depend on bookings, reservations, orders, etc.? Then this API is perfect for you. With this new integration it is possible to display orders, bookings, reservations, etc. as an information line in your scheduling screen! This way you can see all the right information at a glance.

The Information Line API makes an integration between Dyflexis and your own Reservation, booking or ERP system possible. This API normally costs 200 euro for the setup and 25 euro a month. We now offer this API for free for our fast moving customers who have an integration up and running before the 14th of february 2020. Costs may be charged by the integrated system, those will be for your account of course.

The API documentation can be found in our knowledge base and you can register the API by emailing

Updated knowledge base

Because we think it is very important that all our customers have the right tools to use their system well, we have updated the Knowledge Base into a fresh new style.

The Knowledge Base can be reached using the question mark in the top right of your system. On this page you will find all the information and manuals that you might need. Because the Knowledge Base is linked to our customer request system, you will also find your requests and their status here. These requests can be found on the ‘My Activities’ page, accessible by clicking on your name at the top right.

In the renewed system you are also able to follow articles, so you will see when they are changed. You will also find the articles you are following in ‘My Atctivities’. You can also find your most used manuals / articles here.

If the answer to your question cannot be found in the Knowledge Base, please contact our support team at or via +31 880 111 567.

Are you ready for the holidays?


The Holidays are almost here. Although some people close their business, the holidays mean great crowds for most companies. Regardless of how you approach the period, it is always important to check how such matters are arranged in your system.

Have you planned shifts for the holidays?
Check the public holiday allowance and also keep an eye on the Irregularity Allowance (ORT). The system indicates how you want to deal with this.


Do you give your employees time off for the holidays?
When employees are free during the holidays, it is important to register these days differently. The moment you roll out the schedule, you can enter the relevant hours as a public holiday leave through a bulk promotion.

Announcing the WAB Special


From January 1st, 2020, the labor law in balance (WAB) will be put in force. Do you work a lot with on-call workers? The WAB stipulates, among other things, that call employees with zero hours’ contract or min / max contract must be called at least four days in advance. Otherwise, he or she has the right to refuse the shift.

In addition, is you as an employer required to pay off when a scheduled shift gets canceled  less than four days beforehand. You can read more about the WAB here.

Next month the WAB special will be displayed. Here you will learn all about what exactly constitutes the law and where you shouldpay attention to. We will tell you how you make major changes through the system. Click here for the original article.

 Training courses


Do you know or are you a new manager? Sign up now! 
We regularly organize open training courses to introduce yourself or your new colleague to the system (the basic course).

Basic course
Here you will learn how to work with the basic functions of Dyflexis. With this knowledge you can immediately start using our software. In the  basic course you will learn everything about the employees file, the planning, the time registration and the management tools.

Is it time for the next level? Register now!

An advanced course is available to offer existing Dyflexis users a floor. Participation naturally includes our famous lunch

To guarantee quality, there is a maximum number of 8 participants. Interested in a customized course? Then contact our support team.

Advanced course
Here you will get to know Dyflexis even better. You learn everything about: economic planning, forecasts (budgets and revenue), time registration and payroll administration. In addition, extra tips & tricks are given for the various parts of Dyflexis. There is also room to handle your specific questions.