Product update February

In this Product Update we inform you about the WAB notification. You’ll also read about our stand at the Euroshop trade fair in Düsseldorf, we talk about the free API information lines, the extended label feature and we discuss the upcoming updated Dyflexis app! Also, new days have been added on which you can book training courses and we have a fun-fact for you.

WAB notification when changing work schedules

Starting 2020, employers must inform their on-call employees of changes to their work schedule at least 4 days in advance, otherwise an employee is not required to come and work. An employer must inform the employee in writing or electronically. If the employer makes changes to or cancels a shift within 4 days, the on-call employee is entitled to the salary he would have received if he had come into work.

In certain CLA’s exceptions can be made to the 4-day minimum calling period. The KHN, CNV Vakmensen and FNV Horeca, for example, have already agreed on a new hospitality CLA. In this CLA, the notice for on-call work has been set at a minimum of 24 hours in advance. The new CLA went into effect on January 1, 2020 and has a duration of one year.

In Dyflexis you can work with open shifts and leave it to the employees to express their preference for working during those shifts. This preference along with all timetable changes are saved for you and can be viewed via ‘mutations’ in the schedule screen. If you cancel a shift within 4 days, you can mark the shift with a note to remind yourself that those hours still have to be included in the time registration screen.


In progress: extensive labels feature

There are different types of employees that you need to take into account when planning. For example, one employee can have more experience than another and also there might be a difference in quality and skill.

At the same time you need to take into account, among other things, availability, hourly wages and planned hours during planning. However, an overview, in which both qualifications and specifications are visible, is often difficult to find.

At Dyflexis we want you to be able to make your schedule as efficiently as possible. We are working hard on an overview that allows managers to immediately see who is qualified for what, and in what departments those employees are missing, both during the scheduling process and in the daily and weekly schedules. This way you can manage costs and save on time and money.

Sneakpreview update Dyflexis employees app

We will soon be launching the updated Dyflexis employees app! The new app will replace the old app and has a completely new look. To get the new app, you’ll have to update the current one. In other words: you don’t have to download a new app. Below you can take a look at a sneak preview of the app.

The new version has all the current features and a few new ones! We will continue to improve the app by updating it regularly. An Update Special will soon be published in which we’ll tell you about how the new app works and how you can inform staff about this. Until then, we’ll be fine-tuning the app and looking forward to the launch!

Tips, Tricks and Training


The ‘comprehensive’ scheduling screen
From now on every Product Update will contain a ‘did-you-know’! To start things off, we’ll show you how you can use the ‘comprehensive’ scheduling screen during scheduling. The ‘comprehensive’ option allows you to, in addition to availability, create schedules based on scheduled hours, hourly wages and overtime. This way you’re always able to make the most efficient schedule possible!

Incidentally, the registered hours in this screen don’t include ORT and surcharges. For an overview that’s even more accurate, go to Time registration/Export.

Are you not familiar with this feature? Maybe it’s time for the advanced course!

Advanced course

In this course you will get to know Dyflexis even better. You learn everything about: economic planning, forecasts (budgets and revenue), time registration and payroll administration. In addition, extra tips & tricks are given for the various components of Dyflexis. There will also be plenty of time to handle any specific questions you might have. 

Do you know or are you a new manager? Sign up now?
We regularly organize open training courses to introduce you or your new colleague to the system (the basic course).

Basic course
During this course you will learn how to work with the basic functions of Dyflexis. Once the course is completed you will be able to immediately start using our software. In the basic course you will learn everything about the personnel file, the planning, the time registration and the management tools.