More sectors

Dyflexis is suitable for companies in all kinds of sectors, including the horticulture, care, animal care and security sectors, and many more. This is because the software can be fully customised to your needs.

From garden centres to security companies

Dyflexis is used by companies including garden centres, care institutions, animal clinics and security firms. This is only a small selection of the various sectors that we serve. Are you curious about the possibilities for your sector? Please feel free to contact us.

Flexible set-up

We understand only too well that every sector has its own specific rules. Fortunately, Dyflexis is extremely flexible: the system can be fully customized by our consultants.

Help with implementation

Our consultants can always help you with implementing Dyflexis. They are always up to date with important regulations and processes in your sector. They always take these into account when customising your system.

Some of our satisfied customers