Everything in one application!

You can also get Dyflexis on your phone! Do you want an easy way to send your availability on work? Do you want an easy and clear overview of your schedule? Do you want to see who you will work with when you’re on your way to work that same day? Download our app!

New user

Follow the following steps:

1. Fill in your system name in the field on the top of this page. Don’t you know your system name? Ask your supervisor.

2. Choose the location you’re working at.

3. Create an account by pressing “Registreren” or “Register”.

Note: Your supervisor needs to link your account to your schedule manually due to safety reasons. This means that it sometimes can take a while before you can see your schedule.

Forgot your password?

Fill in your system name in the field on top of this page, go to your system/location and press “Wachtwoord/gebruikersnaam vergeten?” or “Forgot password?”. Fill in your e-mail adres and check your mailbox. Also forgot your system name? Please contact your supervisor.

Knowledge base

More questions about Dyflexis? Press the button down bellow or press the questionmark sign in the top right corner when you’re inside Dyflexis. Do you have any other questions you and your supervisor just can’t figure out? Our support team is happy to help.