Staff clocking in system with fingerprint reader

Our clocking in system records your staff’s hours using their fingerprint. Since this time recorder uses a finger scanner, the system is fast and secure.


Full integration with our online software for staff scheduling & time tracking means that you always know exactly which of your employees are at work.

Get a grip on hours

Dyflexis lets you see the actual number of hours worked alongside the scheduled hours. This means that you know exactly who has worked more hours or fewer hours than you had scheduled.

Some of the possibilities

✓ Quick fingerprint scanning

✓ Fully web-based and web-controlled

✓ One package, no separate software required

✓ Works even if you lose the internet connection

✓ An overview at all times and from everywhere of who is at work

✓ Complies with privacy legislation

✓ Automatic back-ups

Some of our satisfied customers